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Date: 2016-07-07 03:50 pm (UTC)
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Hi! (Sorry I haven't been around much -- life! -- I'll try to catch up soon :) )

I may have laughed out loud at the literal deus ex machina of Philosopher Kings. There's a third book coming out?? I... don't even know where that one is going! I miss Simmea :(

Heh, your comment about Takver and Shevek (love them a lot!) also reminded me of Aral and Cordelia... and Damon and Elene ;) All of which were written some time ago! So maybe the question is, why don't we see so many of these nowadays?

BTW, I think you mean McKinley sometimes when you say McKillip :) But yeah, it's full of tropes and wish-fulfillment, I can't deny it, and I also can't deny that it hit me right in the feels (which is a large reason why I love it).

"well, if this was the answer, why did you have to wait for all those people to slaughter each other to ask the question?"

So I think of this as sort of the weakness of the generic-epic-fantasy set-piece (which I also think Novik is skewering here)? Like, every so often Agnieszka will have a bit where she attempts to think about the question, but she's shot down not so much by the others explicitly (I don't think there's ever an explicit shoot-down, although I also am not motivated enough to look -- it's very possible the Dragon or Ashoka actually does) as she is by the implicit expectation that she's not supposed to think like that.

It's not going to be one of my favorite novels of all time at all, but I did think it did a lot of things very well.
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