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Date: 2016-07-08 04:26 am (UTC)
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Since The Just City ended with Athena's intervention, and The Philosopher Kings ended with Zeus's, I am deeply curious whether Necessity will continue the trend, and if so how it will top deus ex Zeus.

Augh, McKinley and McKillip blur together in my mind. Thanks for pointing that out, it's corrected.

Heh, your comment about Takver and Shevek (love them a lot!) also reminded me of Aral and Cordelia... and Damon and Elene ;)

I did not even think of that! But I am consistent in my fictional likes, at least. (Wow, Shevek and Takver could totally get drinks with Damon and Elene and it would be awesome and compare notes about spouses and duty and stuff.) I wonder if some of it is self-selecting? The stories are out there, but not on our radar. Or have the ascendance of YA and space opera shifted the field's focus? YA tends to focus on younger protagonists, where romantic relationships are just beginning. But YA can have older secondary characters to take up that role. Space opera can have those character types. Downbelow Station is a great counterexample.

So I think of this as sort of the weakness of the generic-epic-fantasy set-piece (which I also think Novik is skewering here)?

I don't know about skewering... poking with a sharp stick, maybe. Novik does a pretty good job pointing out something is a silly trope even as she does something with that trope which reminds the reader why it's a beloved staple. I think that might also be why her novels feel a bit... light? The narrative payoff is in emotional charge, not in the sort of big ideas that spec fic likes to aspire to.
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