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Created on 2009-04-08 16:39:25 (#22308), last updated 2019-04-13 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Well, there's a small boat made of china
It's going nowhere on the mantlepiece
Well, do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released?

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alanis morissette, alice sheldon, alternate routes, arabidopsis thaliana, art garfunkel, astronomy, audre lorde, babylon 5, bao, baseball, baz luhrmann, beef stew, bicycles, billy idol, bioinformatics, biology, bon jovi, broadway musicals, broomball, buffy the vampire slayer, c. l. moore, cake, cell culture, cell cycle, charles vess, chemistry, cherryh, chess the musical, choral music, classical music, college acapella, computers, cooking, crosby stills & nash, crowded house, cry cry cry, dar williams, dave carter and tracy grammer, dave matthews band, digital cameras, dna extraction, doris egan, drawing, dvorak, enzymes, fandom, farscape, firefly, fleetwood mac, fonts, fruit, genetics, genomics, georges bizet, georgia o'keefe, gershwin, goo goo dolls, hamilton, haydn, hidden markov models, house, icons, j. michael straczynski, janet kagan, jason mraz, jelly beans, jms, john butler trio, k-os, kage baker, kanye west, kim stanley robinson, laptops, laurie r. king, led zepplin, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, marion zimmer bradley, mars, meterology, michael swanwick, miles vorkosigan, muse, music, mussorgsky, mythology, ncis, neil gaiman, octavia butler, october project, one republic, p!nk, patrick o'brian, paul simon, pcr, peaches, perl, photoblogging, photograph composition, photography, photojournals, photoshop, python, rachmaninov, regina spektor, rent the musical, research, retroviruses, richard dawkins, richard shindell, rimsky-korsakov, robbie williams, rosalind franklin, rosemary kirstein, russian composers, rusted root, samuel delany, san francisco, sandman, savage garden, schnapps, science fiction, set to 11, seven nations, simple minds, singing, sith academy, sketching, sluggy freelance, smetana, soccer, star wars, stargazing, steven brust, sting, sushi, talking heads, tam lin, tchaikovsky, tea, the baby laptop, the carpenters, the dandy warhols, the dixie chicks, the generics, the whitlams, three dog night, three doors down, tori amos, u2, vegetables, victor hugo, vienna teng, vorkosigan, washington dc, wolfgang pauli, wsfa
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