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THE SCENE: A quiet San Francisco street. The BLOGGER strides across the sidewalk, mired in thoughts of superficial happiness brought on by expensive food, retail therapy, & etc versus deeper and less flighty joys. A PEDESTRIAN approaches.

PEDESTRIAN: Woo, Obama '08!

The PEDESTRIAN high-fives the BLOGGER.

BLOGGER: Huh? Oh, yeah, this is the best t-shirt ever.

The PEDESTRIAN continues on her way, as does the BLOGGER - who is now smiling.
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Me on the East Coast: oh no! I need giant pieces of paper for my immunology study guide! Which office supply store will have something like this? How will I get these home? On the bus? On my bike? Do I even know what I'm looking for? What if I need to go to more than one store on the bus?

Me in San Francisco: Whatever. I will walk less than five blocks, make the sales minion tell me what I need, and walk the poster paper home. Oh, mechanical pencils!
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Dear diary: today I attended an event on Marina green, which is a public-use field - kids playing soccer, joggers, dogs - which incidentally encompasses a heart-stoppingly beautiful panoramic view of Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin headlands. At 8:30 AM, when one might be on a caffeine high, it's excessively beautiful as golden morning sun boils off the fog that turns those headlands into islands above the clouds. After work, I stocked up on snack bars at the SoMa Whole Paycheck, jaywalked Market St, picked up a book on hold at the library, checked out a clothing sale off Union Square, finished my grocery shopping, and hit two bookstores (without buying more books, but with excellent browsing).

Tomorrow there's a swank chocolate festival at Ghirardelli Square. It's tempting to go, but costs money, and transit is awkward. So perhaps I'll do homework and cook for the week instead.


Aug. 13th, 2010 12:30 am
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I have seen Wicked at the Orpheum. My room looks like the victim of a fashion tornado. I'm dealing with the clothes tomorrow; right now I'm going to crash.
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Today I was walking to the library -


Today, I walked to the library, in that way you do, since the library is a 20 minute stroll from home.

It's a nice change from mandatory busing or biking, you know?
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It's entirely possible to eat a wide variety of delicious food in San Francisco, and it's equally possible to specialize in Asian cuisines that are largely milk-free. And if you luck out with roommates? Home cooking. Yum!
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Me on the East Coast: Oh no! I am out of my favorite breakfast foods. Whatever will I do? Haul my bicycle down two flights of stairs so I can bike more than a mile to the nearest grocery store? But it is summer, and hot and sticky, and this will make me late for work! Maybe I will launch a public transit expedition to grocery store #2 after work, and hope I get a bus with working AC.

Me in San Francisco: Oh no, no bananas! I will walk five blocks and get bananas.
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Who moves to San Francisco and decides the most logical interaction with the Pride Parade is volunteering as a parade safety monitor?

Hi! I'm told the 180 contingents did not form the largest Pride parade ever. Tell that to my aching leg muscles.

After being on my feet from about 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, I have earned a night of dining out. I'm thinking Thai, and either a chocolate bar or a giant jar of Nutella for this week's snacking.

(I do not know where this sudden urge to gobble chocolate is coming from, but it may be necessary to sample milk, dark, and white chocolate to nail down the actual sugar/fat/chocolate compound craving in action this week. Mmm, chocolate.)
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To stave off the worst effects of unemployment, I picked up a part time job with one of the car-sharing organizations operating in San Francisco. It's good skills-expanding experience for me, with useful fringe benefits, but being on my feet for hours and days in a row is grueling. This afternoon featured the reappearance of the Thursday slump that suggests I need to better pace myself.

I'm still interviewing for full time positions. Job searching and networking in California has given me a new and personal appreciation of what 12% unemployment means. Sometimes I try to imagine what, say, a room with 25 people would look like if 88% of the room was working, but then I factor in the long-term unemployed, dependents, PT-seeking-FT, and others who don't fit the basic "recent FT seeks FT", and that room looks awfully crowded with anxious people. I've been putting off contacting labs about volunteer work, but I've been on the market for three months, and it's time to consider the value of focusing on resumes and midday networking events while my lab skills rust.

SF Pride is this weekend: I volunteered to be a safety monitor at the Sunday parade. This will either be awesome or I will get awesome stories from the experience.

San Francisco has finally decided it's summer, and is enjoying a spate of cloudy, windy days with highs in the 60's. No heat index to ruin my day!

In the middle of a discussion of the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies, Roommate Number Three mentioned this awesome 90's TV show he had on DVD, and we spontaneously geeked out over Babylon 5. There is a serious problem with the current household configuration: the overlapping interests mean everyone gets along too well. If we don't get the random socializing under control, no one in this house is going to get enough sleep ever again.
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1.) Twenty-four hour grocery stores in impulse-shopping distance.

2.) Blue Moon (thanks to R) + rooibos (courtesy Roommate Number Three) while doing laundry.

3.) Finally got a Roommate Number Three moved in today. As an accountant / motorcycle enthusiast with a tea habit, he'll do just fine here. However, he will need a new nickname.

After three years and twenty-five hundred miles, the backup DVD with my bioinformatics notes has reappeared. Once more I have 30 pages of meticulous notes in ten point font, all of which can be keyword searched (why yes, bioinformatics was my favorite). Me circa college, I salute you.

On the down side, they're four years out of date.

It's tempting to do a rundown of contemporary sequencing methods, but this isn't the audience, so I'll spare everyone my amateur guesstimates on the SF Bay area DNA sequencing competition.
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A quick collage of my morning. Note chocolate for breakfast.

The Ferry Terminal Farmer's Market, San Francisco

I deeply regret being too shocked to snap a picture of the nude cyclists on Market later in the day.
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Only in San Francisco: Yelpers on MUNI. As a WMATA / Ride On / Fairfax Connector veteran, gripes about a system which has even limited 24 hour routes will never get old.

(Accelerating pan-Bay TransLink implementation would be pretty awesome, though.)
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In 480x640 under the cut )

Today I went to Ocean Beach (see first picture) and people were setting up fires and parties on the beach. I'm torn by the intrinsically awesome combination of beach fire and the logical consequences of fire plus ocean winds. Peanut butter in my chocolate, or mint in my orange?

I promise more beach pictures: a significant moving incentive was learning I could get to the beach on public transit in less than an hour. Going by my "don't spend more time in transit than at the destination / activity" rule of thumb, this works out to significant beach time.


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