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I'm thinking at least some teetotalers aren't avoiding booze for moral or religious purposes, but for biochemical reasons. This message brought to you by the three beers that so ravaged my metabolism even the bus driver took it upon himself to remind me to hydrate.

(I did. Oh, did I ever.)

Therefore my new rule is two beers max, and one is the default. Seriously, body, this is not on.

I do not currently plan to do anything DW-exclusive for the "three weeks of dreamwidth", because I think exclusive content is a dumb way to show off your awesome and lure prospective users. Instead of denying the party to the absent, I would rather increase incentives to those present. So! People on my f-list, or who just happen to be reading this during my time of sleep-deprived mild hangover, I will offer you one text-based icon if you ask for it at DW. If you want an image, you must provide the image, because I don't know where to find it on the internet (cough L&O screencaps [personal profile] norabombay cough). People who try to do this on LJ will get nothing but a redirect to the FAQ in comments. For examples of previous work see the icons tag on DW. Cheers!
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First, icons:

1. 2. 3.

If you want to use, please comment and credit.

Second, reaction: I am still not a romance novel reader. I am torn between Bujold's essential readability and how little I care about plucky little Fawn. I'm not going to regret checking it out of the library, but I'm glad I didn't plan to shell out for the hardcover. More importantly, I find HarperCollins' Browse Inside format incredibly frustrating. Just release a PDF or HTML file so I can port this to a PDA and read it on the metro, genius marketing people. It would make one weekday that much more pleasant.
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Two Chalionverse icons, two Sharing Knife icons, thirteen Vorkosigan icons. Please comment and credit if you run off with any of them. Feed my ego, and enjoy!

01. 02. 03. Plus fourteen. )

Cites: All text-only icons are quotes from Lois McMaster Bujold's novels. Images from covers of same. #17 started life as the Baen Diplomatic Immunity cover; #3 and #4 are from the Sharing Knife duology. #4 also includes a mangled and out of context Tori Amos "Spark" quote; the text on #3 is from Tracy Grammer and Dave Carter's "Tanglewood Tree". I desperately love "Disappearing Man" by the same duo ("All rise! Behold the famous disappearing man / who comes in crimson robes / and leaves in yellow rags") but it doesn't fit in here at all. Notice how much this is stopping me from mentioning it.
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Seven geeky icons, with (what a surprise!) a biology/biochemistry bent. Please comment and credit if you take. Feedback always appreciated. 3 and 4 are from one of my non-lj friends; 1 and 5 from the science jokes website.

Hope you enjoy!

1.) 2.) 3.)
Plus four under the cut. )
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Fourteen Bujold icons, including (gasp) a cover art icon. Please credit and comment (if you're not sure what I'm talking about, guidelines here) if you use these; I like seeing where these go, and how people use them. Constructive criticism always appreciated!

I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that Monday is International Pixel-Stained Wretch Day (see also [ profile] ipstp) and encourage everyone to support the movement. Here, have an icon:

And on to the main show.
1 - 9 Vorkosigan universe; 2 and 3 are variations on a theme.
10 and 11 Chalionverse
12 - 14 Sharing Knife: Beguilement; may be considered spoilers.

01.) 02.) 03.)
Plus eleven. )
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We're back to the [ profile] ase versus homework staring contest. Is there some kind of rule that biophysics resources must be written at either the high school or graduate level? The lack of good resources describing the math between "some things go through membranes, but most things don't!" and generalized equations written by twentieth century geniuses is driving me bats.

In the name of not completely losing my sanity, bent humor icons. The first two are independent ideas; the third is from this science jokes website. If you'd like one, boilerplate commenting and crediting would be deeply appreciated.

1.) 2.) 3.)

People are having conversations about Amnesty International presentations on torture right next to me. It's like a punchline to my homework whining is just waiting to happen.
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Icon Cite Guide

Since it's someone else's work, it's considered courteous to cite the source of icons you use that other people have made. This is often expressed by people asking users to "comment and credit" - leave a comment describing which icons you plan to take, and credit those icons when you use them. Some icon-makers have more specific preferences. You can never go wrong by reading the entire post and following links to citation/usage information. Asking questions is also encouraged - if you don't ask, you won't know.

How to credit an icon:
  1. Log into your LJ account.

  2. Go to, or use the toolbar on the login page: click on manage, then userpics.

  3. In the keywords or comment space, write "by [name]" where [name] is the user who made the icon. So if you're using one of my icons, you would write, "by ase", or (if you want to get into fancy coding) "by <lj user= ase>".

  4. Save your new settings.

That's it. As a bonus, other people now know where you got your icons, so they can see if the icon-maker has any more icons they like. Or so they won't be all, "d00d! Your icon r0xors!!! Can U make me 1 just liek it? LOL!!1!"

(You think I make this stuff up. In this case, you'd be right – but the netspeak is real.)

Also, icons that are up for grabs are generally marked as such; it's probably wise to assume that anything not labeled "take me!" is not, in fact, available to be taken.

I know it seems like a lot, but what it boils down to is pretty straightforward: you didn't make it. Don't steal other people's thunder. Less credit means less fun, and that's why we do what we do on LJ: because it's enjoyable.

Again, sorry for the length, and enjoy the icons!
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Twelve Bujold icons. Please comment and credit when taking. Or just feed my ego with comments; I think my ego can handle it. Constructive criticism always appreciated, if you've got the time and interest.

Not sure how to credit? Instructions in this entry.

01. Ingenuity? 02. Sarcasm much? 03. But what moves ideas?
Plus nine. )
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Fruits of my frustration: four physics icons. )

I'm running out of tricks for studying physics. Reading and doing the sample problems (wrong, usually) is taking too long for the return I'm getting. Am I past the equation flashcard stage?

Also, dear Serenity soundtrack, you may now exit my brain. It is time for something - anything - else. Because you aren't even released until tomorrow. Just because that movie's about the only thing I can bank my geek cred on this month doesn't give you the right to inhabit my brain for multiple days running.
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First haul from the icon project. Ten icons based on the works of Lois McMaster Bujold. The usual requests apply: please comment and credit; feedback/constructive criticism encouraged; an example of constructive criticism would be, "I can't read #6, try increasing the contrast." Some quotes have been tweaked for clarification; I'm aware of this. #9 is a LotR crossover, #10 includes mild profanity. If all that hasn't scared you off please stay for cookies and icons.

01. Fireworks! 02. Sarcasm much? 03. Hyper much?
Plus seven. Yay photoshop! )

Edit: Crediting guidelines are available in this post. If you're not certain how icon crediting works, please read them.
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Today I slept in, hit the library, bought three shirts, and failed to get my hair cut. Probably just as well; in this heat I'd probably get it cut way too short. The heat also seems to have fried my brain; Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance seems to be trying to say something about epistemology, but in a very roundabout way. This is another book I'd like to do as a reading group thing. It's that sort of reading.

Tomorrow I get to do groceries, room cleaning, lunch planning for the week, and maybe try to find work shoes that aren't half a size too big. (Note to self: not thick socks.) I may also smack the school website, since its booklist only includes the biochem I text. Outrageous.

The meat of this post springs from the photobucket account I forgot I still had! So I'm posting three icons I think need some air time. I really need to join some fandom icon communities and get my icons out of my hard drive. If you like these, comment and take; that's what they're here for.

Hallowed Hunt icon Shadows Evolution is just a theory. So is gravity.
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Have nothing to say about today. Returned library books, missed a bus, took another, and brooded much on books and Firefly episodes. So I'm letting [ profile] stoutfellow inspire me to drop icons onto your friends pages. Because there are other ways to say you've had a bad day than through very sad [character/show/blue moment of choice] icons. (Which I have also made. Melancholy comes easy; humor is a rewarding challenge.) Up for grabs if you credit them in your keywords.

Edited to add: photobucket is acting a bit touchy tonight; three icons should show up. If less than that do, and you're really curious, ping me and I'll get them to you by more direct means.

And oh, the rewards of not standing in line: Sandman: Endless Nights and The Well of Lost Plots were snagged from the "new books" shelves while two other people had their books checked out. I am reading entirely too much good fiction.
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I think I promised you some icons? )

Hope you enjoy them.


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