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Another reason having my laptop back is awesome: nothing defaults to slideshow view. Three pictures from three weeks when I was lousy at remembering the one picture a day resolution.

Metro, Stormy, Macro )
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Experimenting with thumbnails this week. I'm not a fan, since they make people click through for the full image, so unless someone says something I'm probably going to keep experimenting.

Jelly beans. I tease the peeps adherents for their attachment to colored marshmellows, but my current craze for flavored sugar is just as bad. Resizing.

Sky and trees, Saturday morning. Auto levels, resizing.

Moon and Venus (presumably), Saturday night about 10:15 PM EDT. A pleasing experiment with tripod and manual settings. Someday I'm going to want to upgrade to a real zoom lens.
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Leaves, flowers, rock music, fire. I'm experimenting with thumbnails, Scrapbook this week and not cutting; shout if any of these choices or the formatting makes you cry. (I know it looks really ugly to me. Watch this space for future tables.)

In the gardens at the National Arboretum. Resizing, gradient map (black-and-white, normal mode).

Bonsai'd azalea at the National Arboretum. Good timing on that trip. Auto color, resizing.

Gin Blossoms at Artomatic. Resizing.

Firedancing by Flights of Fire at Artomatic. Resizing. If you google "flights of fire" dc you can pull up a flickr account with someone else's much cooler pictures from the same evening.
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I took awesome pictures this weekend, and I will post some of them when my camera isn't at the other end of the metro area. For the moment, enjoy some pictures I haven't posted previously.

In no particular order: patriotism, botany and lab equipment. )
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The nice thing about having hobbies is that when things are crazy at work, you can find some solace in Frost and photography.

Sometimes, though, you have to admit your complete amateur status.

The dust of snow / From a hemlock tree )
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Late, and weak - caught yesterday. Last week's pictures were few and bad, except for one, which I'm holding back for a few weeks.
You poured out honor like a fountain, all around you. )
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This weekend I cleaned, and condensed three boxes of stuff into two. In the process, I found my dad's old slide rule. So if the world ends, and my TI-83 dies, I am ready for the post-apocalyptic calculating revolution.

Grapes and a slide rule. )
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Eventually, I'll get enthusiastic and start making thumbnails. Really. Cherry blossoms, daffofils take two, chocolate. )
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I put these together Friday night so I could post them Sunday, after I got home. Good for me. Future updates will be Sunday or Monday morning, barring boring afternoons at work.
Daffodils and bonus pic. )


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